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Tất cả từ vựng IELTS theo chủ đề và ý tưởng để viết IELTS Writing task 2 về chủ đề Encourage people to visit museums: khuyến khích mọi người đến tham quan viện bảo tàng

Task question: How could we encourage people to visit museums more? Write at least 250 words. 

Key words: paraphrasing

5 ways to paraphrase the topic:

  1. What strategies could we use to motivate people to go to museums more often?
  2. How can we entice people to visit museums more?
  3. What methods could be employed to increase attendance at museums?
  4. How might we incentivize people to come to museums more?
  5. What could we do to get more people to visit museums?

Brainstorming – generating ideas

5 opinions on visiting museums

  1. Visiting museums is an incredibly enjoyable and educational experience.
  2. Museums are a great way to gain insight into the history and culture of an area.
  3. Exploring a museum can be a fascinating way to spend an afternoon.
  4. Visiting museums is an excellent activity for families.
  5. Touring a museum gives visitors a unique opportunity to explore history in person.

5 roles of museums nowadays 

  1. Museums serve as important centers for education and learning.
  2. They are also instrumental in preserving and honoring cultural heritage.
  3. Museums house priceless artifacts and historical pieces for the public to appreciate.
  4. Museums can also be used to promote social responsibility, environmental awareness, and cross-cultural understanding.
  5. They often serve as creative incubators for the development of new art and design.

5 benefits and 5 drawbacks of visiting museums 

Benefits of visiting museums:

  1.  Expanding cultural knowledge and appreciation
  2.  Accessing educational resources
  3.  Learning about different cultures
  4.  Enhancing imagination
  5.  Encouraging exploration and discovery

Drawbacks of visiting museums:

  1. Crowds can limit the enjoyment of actually seeing the pieces
  2. Entrance fees can add up quickly for larger families
  3. Limited hours of operation
  4. Not all pieces can be touched or interacted with
  5. Lengthy exhibitions can be tiresome

5 examples of visiting museums

  1. Visiting an art museum to appreciate the work of renowned artists
  2. Taking a special tour of a historical museum to learn about key points in history
  3. Exploring a modern science museum to explore the latest advances in technology
  4. Participating in educational programs at a natural history museum to learn about plants and animals
  5. Experiencing a living history museum to get a glimpse into how people lived in the past.

5 reasons why people visit museums less

  1. Lack of time
  2. Limited budgets
  3. Lack of knowledge or awareness of exhibits
  4. Preference for other activities
  5. Difficulty in accessing museums due to physical or mobility limitations.

5 impacts of museums on visitors

  1. Increased awareness of cultural heritage
  2. Engendering appreciation for art, history and culture
  3. Encountering new ideas and perspectives
  4. Enhancing critical thinking skills
  5. Developing an increased understanding of the world around them.

5 ways to encourage people to visit museums more 

  1. Offer discounts or memberships for frequent museum visitors
  2. Introduce new and interactive exhibits
  3. Organize special events at the museum
  4. Increase awareness through social media campaigns
  5. Host educational programs and lectures at the museum.

Model paragraphs

Offering discounts or memberships for frequent museum visitors is an effective way to encourage people to visit museums more. For example, museums can offer discounted admission prices for those who have valid memberships, or discounts on food and beverages in the museum cafe. This encourages repeat visits and rewards loyalty, providing an incentive for people to visit the museum regularly.

Introducing new and interactive exhibits is also a great way to increase museum attendance. The new exhibits can be designed to engage visitors and create a sense of curiosity and exploration. For example, a science museum may introduce a hands-on lab experiment area where visitors can explore and experiment with different scientific concepts.

Organizing special events at the museum can help draw in more visitors. Events can range from evening concerts to family days where children can participate in special activities. For example, a museum can host a live music event where people can enjoy a night of music and drinks while exploring the museum.

Increasing awareness through social media campaigns is another effective way to promote museums. Museums can use social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to share news and updates about upcoming exhibitions and events. For example, the museum can launch a campaign to encourage people to post pictures of their favorite exhibition or artwork and tag the museum in their posts.

Hosting educational programs and lectures at the museum is a great way to attract more visitors. Museums can collaborate with educational institutions to hold seminars and talks that relate to their exhibits. For example, a museum can host a lecture series on ancient civilizations, covering topics such as the art, language, and religion of the ancient world. This allows visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the exhibits and increases engagement with the museum.

Essay question:

How could we encourage people to visit museums more? Write at least 250 words.


Introduction:  Mention the decline in the number of people visiting museums, and the need to encourage more visitors.

Body Paragraph 1: Explain ways to motivate people to visit museums, such as offering discounts or memberships and introducing interactive exhibits.

Body Paragraph 2: Discuss strategies to increase awareness, such as organizing special events, utilizing social media campaigns and hosting lectures.

Conclusion: Summarize the essay by emphasizing the importance of engaging visitors in order to increase museum attendance.

Model Essay:

The past few decades have seen a considerable reduction in the number of people visiting local museums, due to a variety of reasons. Therefore, it is imperative that we take measures to encourage people to engage with these cultural and educational resources. This essay will discuss a range of methods which can be utilized to achieve this aim.

To begin with, museums should introduce incentives for visitors which motivate them to visit repeatedly. For example, discounts or memberships could be offered in order to reward loyalty and provide an economical incentive for regular visits. Additionally, new, interactive exhibitions should be introduced to hold the interest of visitors and create a sense of fascination and exploration. An example of this may be a hands-on laboratory exhibit, which allows children to explore and experiment with scientific concepts.

Moreover, to increase general awareness of museums, a variety of strategies can be employed. Special events could be organized, such as evening concerts or family days, to attract people to the museum and keep them engaged. Additionally, achieving visibility on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram can help spread news of museum updates, and campaigns encouraging people to post pictures and tag the museum are also beneficial. Furthermore, educational lectures held in collaboration with educational institutions can provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the museum’s collection and thus facilitate increased visits.

To conclude, with the decline in museum attendance, it is essential that we strive to engage visitors and incentivize them to visit. Offering discounts and memberships and introducing new, interactive displays can help motivate people to explore museums. Additionally, utilizing social media campaigns, organizing special events, and hosting educational programmes are effective methods to help increase awareness. Through these strategies, we can ensure that people are attracted to, and take advantage of, the invaluable resources which museums possess.


Encourage ~ motivate, incentivize, engage, explore, attract, take advantage of, strive for.

Advanced language:


  • Introduce incentives for visitors
  • Hold the interest of visitors
  • Spread news of museum updates
  • Provide visitors with a deeper understanding
  • Take measures to encourage people
  • Employ a variety of strategies


  • Regular visits to the museum
  • Economical incentive for regular visits
  • Create a sense of fascination and exploration
  • Utilizing social media campaigns
  • Organizing special events
  • Hosting educational programmes

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