Giải đề dự đoán IELTS Writing July 2023: students making comments or criticism of teachers

Đề dự đoán IELTS Writing Task 2, quý 2 và quý 3 năm 2023 chủ đề khuyến khích học sinh nhận xét thậm chí chỉ trích giáo viên.

IELTS Writing Forecast Task Question:

Some people believe that in order to improve educational equality, we should encourage students to make comments or even criticism of their teachers, but others think it would lead to a loss of respect and discipline in the classroom. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. (education)

Detailed Outline: for IELTS Writing Task 2


  • Topic: today’s educational landscape sparks debates on whether students should provide feedback to teachers.
  • Writer’s opinion:Feedback must be respectful and constructive for a positive learning environment.

Body paragraph 1: Encouraging student feedback for educational equality

Topic Sentence: Student feedback enhances educational equality and learning.

  • Reason: Insights into unique learning needs help tailor teaching approaches.
  • Example: Student request for visual aids aids comprehension in science.
  • Explanation: Valuing students’ opinions increases engagement and academic outcomes.
  • Counterargument: Encouraging criticism may disrupt classroom discipline.
  • Rebuttal: Balanced communication and respectful behavior address this.

Body paragraph 2: Risks of unregulated student criticism on respect and discipline

Topic Sentence: Unchecked criticism can harm respect and discipline.

  • Hypothesis: Unregulated criticism undermines teachers’ authority and learning.
  • Result: Excessive criticism blurs teacher-student roles, causing disruptions.
  • Example: Unbalanced criticism demotivates teachers.
  • Counterargument: criticism leads to chaos and disrespect.
  • Rebuttal: Structured feedback with guidelines promotes respectful expression.


  • Summary: Debate involves educational equality, respect, and discipline.
  • Writer’s opinion restated: Feedback must be respectful for a harmonious learning environment.

Model Essay

The topic of whether students should provide feedback to their teachers has become a subject of ongoing debate in today’s educational landscape. This essay will discuss both perspectives and argue that encouraging respectful and constructive feedback is essential for creating a positive and effective learning environment.

Supporters of student feedback believe that it plays a vital role in promoting educational equality and improving learning outcomes. By actively seeking insights into students’ individual learning needs and preferences, teachers can adapt their teaching methods accordingly. For instance, when students request visual aids to aid comprehension in subjects like science, their engagement and understanding increase significantly. Prioritizing students’ opinions empowers them in their educational journey, ultimately leading to improved academic achievements. To address concerns about disruptive criticism, promoting balanced communication and emphasizing respectful behavior can effectively maintain classroom discipline. Encouraging students to provide feedback constructively instills a sense of responsibility and ownership of their education, fostering a harmonious classroom atmosphere.

On the other hand, unchecked criticism can have adverse effects on respect and discipline in the classroom. Allowing students to criticize without proper guidelines and supervision may undermine teachers’ authority and disrupt the learning process. When excessive criticism blurs the lines between teacher and student roles, it can lead to chaos and hinder the learning environment. For example, unbalanced criticism can demotivate teachers, impacting their enthusiasm and dedication to teaching, which, in turn, affects the overall classroom atmosphere and the quality of education provided. Therefore it is necessary to have clear guidelines on how to give structured feedback. Teaching students to express their thoughts respectfully and constructively fosters mutual understanding and cooperation between teachers and students, thereby reinforcing respect and discipline in the classroom while still enabling students to voice their opinions.

In conclusion, the issue of student feedback encompasses educational equality, respect, and discipline. I advocate for the respectful and constructive feedback within classrooms to foster a harmonious learning environment, empowering students, improving educational outcomes, and preserving essential respect and discipline in the classroom.

332 words


Topic vocabulary

English PhrasesVietnamese Translation
a subject of ongoing debatemột chủ đề đang tranh luận
respectful and constructive feedbackphản hồi lịch sự và xây dựng
promote educational equalitythúc đẩy sự bình đẳng trong giáo dục
improve learning outcomescải thiện kết quả học tập
actively seeking insights intotích cực tìm hiểu thông tin
adapt teaching methods accordinglyđiều chỉnh phương pháp giảng dạy một cách phù hợp
prioritizing students’ opinionsưu tiên ý kiến của học sinh
disruptive criticismphê phán gây rối
emphasize respectful behaviornhấn mạnh hành vi lịch sự
effectively maintain classroom disciplineduy trì kỷ luật trong lớp hiệu quả
provide feedback constructivelyđưa ra phản hồi mang tính xây dựng
foster a harmonious classroom atmospheretạo môi trường lớp học hài hòa
unchecked criticismlời chỉ trích không được kiểm soát
criticize without proper guidelines and supervisionchỉ trích mà không có hướng dẫn và giám sát thích hợp
undermine teachers’ authoritylàm suy yếu quyền lực của giáo viên
disrupt the learning processlàm gián đoạn quá trình học
excessive criticismchỉ trích quá mức
unbalanced criticismchỉ trích không cân đối
demotivate teacherslàm giảm động lực của giáo viên
give structured feedbackđưa ra phản hồi có cấu trúc
express their thoughts respectfully and constructivelydiễn đạt ý kiến một cách lịch sự và xây dựng
reinforce respect and discipline in the classroomcủng cố sự tôn trọng và kỷ luật trong lớp học
encompass educational equalitybao gồm sự bình đẳng trong giáo dục
advocate for the respectful and constructive feedbackủng hộ phản hồi lịch sự và mang tính xây dựng

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