Giải đề dự đoán IELTS Writing July 2023: spending more time away from their families

Đề dự đoán IELTS Writing Task 2, quý 2 và quý 3 năm 2023 chủ đề xa gia đình.

IELTS Writing Forecast Task Question:

People in many countries spend more and more time far away from their families. Why does this happen and what effects will it have on them and their families? (society)

Detailed Outline: for IELTS Writing Task 2


  • Increasing number of people spending more time away from families.
  • Exploring reasons and effects on individuals and societyin this essay.

Body paragraph 1: Causes for people spending less time at home

Cause 1: Technological advancements and remote work

  • Reason: Rise of technology and internet enabling flexible work arrangements.
  • Result: Freedom to work from any location, reducing the need to be physically present at home.
  • Comparison: Traditional office jobs vs. remote work options.

Cause 2: Globalization and international opportunities

  • Reason: Globalization leading to more international job and educational prospects.
  • Result: People enticed to explore different countries, cultures, and experiences.
  • Example: Professionals moving abroad for work or education.

Body paragraph 2: Effects on individuals and society

Effect 1: Impact on individual well-being and mental health

  • Explanation: Lack of familial support causing emotional stress, especially during important life events.
  • Example: Studies showing higher susceptibility to depression and anxiety.

Effect 2: Altered family dynamics and relationships

  • Individuals: Spending time away from family results in strained relationships and reduced bonding.
  • Drawback: Emotional distance and challenges in overcoming it.

Effect 3: Societal implications on the concept of family and community

  • Explanation: Reshaping norms and expectations related to family life.
  • Result: Evolution of traditional family structures with emphasis on virtual connections.


  • Recap main points: People spending more time away from families due to technology, remote work, globalization, and international pursuits.
  • Both individuals and society experience consequences, challenging traditional family concepts.

Model Essay

In recent years, an escalating number of individuals have found themselves becoming distant from their families. This essay examines the reasons for this trend and its repercussions on individuals and society.

The contemporary world is characterized by technological advancements and the widespread adoption of remote work, both of which contribute significantly to the physical separation between individuals and their families. Technological innovations and the internet have granted people the freedom to work from any location, reducing the necessity of being physically present at home. Unlike traditional office jobs in which people go to work and then come back homes, remote work options enable individuals to fulfill their professional obligations while traveling or exploring different places. Furthermore, globalization has opened doors to international job prospects and educational avenues, enticing people to seek experiences in different countries and cultures. Consequently, spending time away from families has become a prevailing trend. For instance, many professionals relocate abroad for work or pursue higher education, leaving their families behind.


The consequences of spending less time with families can be profound, affecting both individuals and society. Primarily, it significantly impacts individual well-being and mental health. The absence of familial support during crucial life events can lead to emotional stress, making individuals more susceptible to conditions like depression and anxiety. Extensive studies have demonstrated the adverse effects of this emotional disconnect on the mental health of those separated from their families for extended periods. Secondly, physical distance alters the dynamics within families. Individuals who are away from their families may experience strained relationships and reduced bonding. The emotional distance created by spending less time together poses challenges in reestablishing strong connections upon reunification. Lastly, this trend has broader societal implications, reshaping norms and expectations surrounding family life. Traditional family structures are evolving as virtual connections become more prevalent. With individuals being physically apart from their families, the concept of a family is no longer bound by geographical proximity but rather held together by virtual communication.

In conclusion, the increasing trend of people spending more time away from their families can be attributed to technological advancements, remote work opportunities, globalization, and international pursuits. This phenomenon bears significant effects on both individuals and society. It impacts individual well-being, alters family dynamics, and challenges traditional notions of family and community.

380 words

Topic vocabulary

English PhrasesVietnamese Translation
becoming distant from their familiestrở nên xa cách với gia đình
technological advancementsnhững tiến bộ công nghệ
the widespread adoption of remote workviệc làm từ xa được ứng dụng rộng rãi
the physical separation between individuals and their familiessự xa cách giữa cá nhân và gia đình
the freedom to work from any locationquyền tự do làm việc từ bất kỳ địa điểm nào
become a prevailing trendtrở thành một xu hướng phổ biến
relocate abroad for workchuyển đến nước ngoài làm việc
leaving their families behindđể lại gia đình của họ
The absence of familial supportsự thiếu vắng hỗ trợ từ gia đình
spending less time with familiesdành ít thời gian với gia đình
more susceptible todễ bị tổn thương hơn
emotional disconnectcảm xúc bị cắt đứt
separated from their families for extended periodschia cách với gia đình trong thời gian dài
physical distancekhoảng cách vật lý
experience strained relationshipstrải qua những mối quan hệ căng thẳng
poses challenges in reestablishing strong connections upon reunificationđặt ra những thách thức trong việc tái thiết lập mối quan hệ bền chắc sau khi gặp lại
have broader societal implicationscó những tác động rộng rãi đối với xã hội
virtual connectionsnhững kết nối ảo
being physically apart from their familiesxa cách với gia đình
bound by geographical proximitybị ràng buộc bởi sự gần gũi địa lý
bear significant effects ongây ra những ảnh hưởng quan trọng đối với
challenge traditional notions of family and communitythách thức những quan niệm truyền thống về gia đình và cộng đồng

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