Giải đề dự đoán IELTS Writing July 2023: robots are dangerous inventions

Đề dự đoán IELTS Writing Task 2, quý 2 và quý 3 năm 2023 chủ đề robot là phát minh nguy hiểm hay có ích.

IELTS Writing Forecast Task Question:

Some people think that robots are very important for humans’ future development. Others, however, think that robots are dangerous inventions that could have negative effects on society. Discuss both views and give your opinion. (Technology)

Detailed Outline: for IELTS Writing Task 2


  • Introduce the topic of robots and their increasing importance in modern society.
  • Writer’s opinion: “Overreliance on robots may lead to societal issues.”
  • Provide an overview of the two opposing views to be discussed in the body paragraphs.

Body paragraph 1:

  • Topic Sentence: Some people believe robots are vital for human development.
  • Reason: Robots perform dangerous tasks, reducing risks to human lives.
  • Benefit: Robots increase industry efficiency, leading to higher productivity and growth.
  • Explanation: Advanced AI in robots assists in medical procedures, enhancing healthcare outcomes.
  • Counterargument: Critics fear robots may cause job displacement and unemployment.

Body paragraph 2:

  • Topic Sentence: Others see robots as dangerous inventions with negative effects.
  • Drawback: Overreliance on robots in critical sectors may lead to vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks.
  • Result: Excessive use of robots may reduce human interaction, affecting relationships and well-being.
  • Comparison: Robots lack emotions and ethics, leading to morally questionable actions.
  • Counterargument: Some argue robots outperform humans in precision and efficiency, causing loss of jobs for human.


  • Summarize the main points on robots’ importance and dangers.
  • Reiterate writer’s opinion: Overreliance on robots may lead to societal issues.
  • Emphasize responsible and ethical robot integration to harness benefits while mitigating risks.

Model Essay


Robots have garnered increasing importance in contemporary society, igniting debates regarding their potential impact. While some advocate their significance for human progress, others perceive them as hazardous innovations. In this essay, I will examine both perspectives and offer my viewpoint on the subject.


Certain individuals assert that robots play a pivotal role in advancing humanity. Firstly, they possess the capacity to undertake perilous tasks, thus minimizing risks to human lives. For instance, in disaster-stricken areas, search and rescue robots can enter hazardous environments, obviating the need to endanger human lives. Secondly, the integration of robots in industries has led to heightened efficiency, resulting in increased productivity and economic growth. Businesses have witnessed augmented output and reduced operational costs with the implementation of robotic automation. Furthermore, advanced AI in robots is revolutionizing healthcare by assisting in complex medical procedures, thereby ultimately improving patient outcomes. However, I acknowledge that robots might lead to job displacement and unemployment, potentially giving rise to societal challenges.


Conversely, some regard robots as precarious inventions with potential adverse effects. Relying excessively on robots in critical sectors, such as defense, could expose vulnerabilities and lead to cyber-attacks. Hackers could exploit weaknesses in robotic systems, posing threats to national security. Additionally, the excessive utilization of robots may curtail human interaction, affecting social relationships and emotional well-being. Human connections are integral to personal growth and happiness. Furthermore, robots lack emotions and ethics, which may result in morally questionable actions. They might make decisions solely based on algorithms, disregarding the nuances of human ethics and compassion. Despite arguments that robots can outperform humans in precision and efficiency, I think it is crucial to consider the potential job losses and their impact on society.


In conclusion, the significance of robots for human development is undeniable, but undue reliance on them entails potential hazards. Striking a balance between harnessing the benefits of robotic technology and addressing its drawbacks is paramount. I believe that the responsible and ethical integration of robots into society should be pursued to ensure a prosperous future while mitigating potential societal issues.


342 words


Topic vocabulary

English PhrasesVietnamese Translation
garner increasing importance in contemporary societyngày càng quan trọng trong xã hội đương đại
advocate the significance for human progressủng hộ tầm quan trọng đối với tiến bộ của con người
undertake perilous tasksthực hiện các nhiệm vụ nguy hiểm
disaster-stricken areaskhu vực bị thiên tai tàn phá
enter hazardous environmentstiến vào môi trường nguy hiểm
heightened efficiencyhiệu quả được nâng cao
witness augmented outputchứng kiến sự gia tăng sản lượng
the implementation of robotic automationviệc triển khai robot tự động hóa
complex medical procedurescác thủ tục y tế phức tạp
job displacement and unemploymentmất việc làm và thất nghiệp
give rise to societal challengesgây ra những thách thức trong xã hội
precarious inventionsnhững phát minh không chắc chắn
expose vulnerabilitiesthể hiện ra những điểm yếu
exploit weaknesses in robotic systemskhai thác những điểm yếu trong hệ thống robot
the excessive utilization ofsự sử dụng quá mức
curtail human interactioncắt giảm tương tác con người
morally questionable actionscác hành động đáng để cân nhắc về mặt đạo đức
disregarding the nuances of human ethics and compassionlờ đi những sắc thái đạo đức và lòng nhân ái của con người
outperform humans in precisionvượt trội so với con người về độ chính xác
consider the potential job lossesxem xét khả năng mất việc làm
entail potential hazardsđưa đến nguy cơ tiềm tàng
harness the benefits of robotic technologykhai thác lợi ích từ công nghệ robot
ensure a prosperous futuređảm bảo một tương lai thịnh vượng
mitigate potential societal issuesgiảm thiểu những vấn đề xã hội tiềm tàng

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