Giải đề dự đoán IELTS Writing July 2023: ban dangerous sports

Đề dự đoán IELTS Writing Task 2, quý 2 và quý 3 năm 2023 chủ đề cấm các trò chơi nguy hiểm.

IELTS Writing Forecast Task Question:

Some people think that the government should ban dangerous sports, but others think that people should have freedom to do whatever sport activities they choose. Discuss both views and give your opinion. (Government)

Detailed Outline: for IELTS Writing Task 2


  • Introduce topic: Dangerous sports and contrasting views on government intervention.
  • Writer’s opinion: Regulate, not ban dangerous sports; balance safety and freedom.

Body Paragraph 1:

  • Topic Sentence: Some argue for banning dangerous sports.
  • Reason: Safety Concerns – Risks and injuries pose health hazards.
  • Result: Public Pressure – Media coverage pushes for a ban.
  • Counterargument/Rebuttal: Outright ban ineffective.
  • Hypothesis: Ban may drive sports underground, increasing risks.

Body Paragraph 2:

  • Topic Sentence: Others support individual freedom in sport choice.
  • Benefit: Personal Liberty – Freedom shapes lifestyle.
  • Explanation: Informed Consent – Participants aware of risks.
  • Counterargument/Rebuttal: Public safety matters too.
  • Drawback: Unregulated sports strain resources.


  • Recap contrasting views: Ban vs. freedom.
  • Reiterate writer’s opinion: Regulate dangerous sports.
  • Emphasize balance of freedom and safety.

Model Essay

The topic of dangerous sports sparks debate over whether the government should impose bans or allow individuals the freedom to choose their activities. This essay examines both perspectives and advocates for a balanced approach that regulates dangerous sports without outright bans.


Some people advocate for the banning of dangerous sports due to the evident safety concerns associated with these activities. The inherent risks and potential injuries they entail can pose significant health hazards to participants. Moreover, the relentless media coverage of accidents and injuries fuels public pressure to impose an outright ban. However, it is essential to consider the counterargument that an outright ban may not be the most effective solution. In some cases, banning dangerous sports might drive them underground, where they would operate without proper regulation or oversight, leading to an escalation in risks rather than their mitigation. Instead of an absolute ban, a more pragmatic approach would be to focus on comprehensive regulations and safety protocols that can mitigate the dangers while still allowing enthusiasts to engage in these activities responsibly.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are those who advocate for upholding individual freedom in choosing sports activities, even if they are dangerous in nature. The primary benefit of granting personal liberty in this context is that it allows individuals to shape their lifestyle according to their preferences and interests. Engaging in the sports of their choice brings a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment to their lives. Furthermore, proponents argue that participants are not unaware of the risks involved; rather, they embrace them through informed consent. By being fully aware of the potential dangers, individuals take responsibility for their decisions and actions. However, it is essential to acknowledge that public safety should not be overlooked. Allowing unregulated dangerous sports to thrive might strain valuable resources, particularly in the healthcare sector, as preventable injuries stemming from these activities could place an undue burden on medical facilities. Therefore, a balanced approach that considers both personal freedom and public safety is crucial.


In conclusion, the debate over dangerous sports centers on whether to ban them entirely or allow individual freedom of choice. Balancing safety and personal freedom is vital, and regulations can effectively achieve this equilibrium.


369 words


Topic vocabulary

English PhrasesVietnamese Translation
spark debate overgây ra tranh cãi về
impose bansáp đặt lệnh cấm
regulates dangerous sportskiểm soát các môn thể thao nguy hiểm
outright banscấm hoàn toàn
the evident safety concernsnhững mối lo hiển hiện về vấn đề an toàn
inherent risks and potential injuriesnhững rủi ro vốn có và nguy cơ chấn thương tiềm tàng
pose significant health hazards totạo ra những nguy hiểm sức khỏe đáng kể cho
media coverage of accidentssự đưa tin về các tai nạn trên báo chí
fuel public pressure to impose an outright banáp lực từ công chúng để áp đặt lệnh cấm hoàn toàn
drive them undergroundđẩy vào hoạt động ngầm
an escalation in riskssự leo thang nguy cơ
an absolute banmột lệnh cấm tuyệt đối
a more pragmatic approachmột hướng tiếp cận thực tế
focus on comprehensive regulations and safety protocolstập trung vào quy định toàn diện và giao thức an toàn
mitigate the dangersgiảm thiểu nguy hiểm
upholding individual freedom inbảo vệ quyền tự do cá nhân trong
shape their lifestyleđịnh hình lối sống của họ
personal libertytự do cá nhân
bring a sense of fulfillmentmang đến cảm giác đạt thành quả
unaware of the risks involvedkhông nhận thức về những nguy cơ liên quan
be overlookedbị bỏ qua
unregulated dangerous sportscác môn thể thao nguy hiểm chưa được quy định
strain valuable resourcesgây áp lực lên các nguồn lực quý báu
preventable injuriesnhững chấn thương có thể phòng ngừa
place an undue burden onđặt gánh nặng không cần thiết lên
ban entirelycấm hoàn toàn

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