Giải đề dự đoán IELTS Writing August 2023: People in the 21st century have a better life quality

Đề dự đoán IELTS Writing Task 2, quý 2 và quý 3 năm 2023 chủ đề con người thế kỷ 21 có chất lượng cuộc sống tốt hơn trước đây.

IELTS Writing Forecast Task Question:

People living in the 21st century have a better life quality than people who lived in previous centuries. To what extent do you agree or disagree? (Social)

Detailed Outline: for IELTS Writing Task 2


  • Agree that: The quality of life in the 21st century has significantly improved compared to previous centuries due to technological advancements, improved healthcare, and enhanced education.

Body Paragraph 1:

Topic sentence: Technological Advancements

  • Reason: Technology revolutionized communication, enabling faster and global connectivity.
  • Benefit: Smartphones, the internet, and social media facilitated real-time information-sharing and a sense of global community.
  • Example: Video calls and messaging applications maintain long-distance relationships.
  • Counterargument: Technology causes social isolation and reduces face-to-face interactions.
  • Rebuttal: Improved communication fosters diverse connections, virtual collaborations, and enriched lives.

Body Paragraph 2:

Topic sentence: Improved Healthcare

  • Reason: Advancements in healthcare increased life expectancy and overall well-being.
  • Benefit: Medical research and technology treat previously fatal diseases effectively.
  • Example: Vaccines help eradicate and control widespread illnesses.
  • Counterargument: Inequality in healthcare accessibility, especially in developing regions.
  • Rebuttal: Global efforts address disparities, making healthcare more equitable and accessible in general.


  • Despite counterarguments, I agree that the 21st century witnessed significant life quality improvements, attributed to technology and healthcare advancements.
  • Continued innovation will further enhance the global population’s quality of life.

Model Essay

In the modern era, the quality of life has significantly improved in the 21st century compared to previous centuries, thanks to technological advancements and improved healthcare. This essay explores these factors, supporting the belief that people today enjoy a superior quality of life.

One of the primary reasons for the improved quality of life in the 21st century is the remarkable advancements in technology. Technological innovations have revolutionized communication, making it easier and faster to connect with others worldwide. The advent of smartphones, the internet, and social media has facilitated real-time communication and allowed for instantaneous information-sharing, leading to improved social connectivity and a sense of global community. For instance, video calls and messaging applications enable individuals to maintain close relationships with friends and family, regardless of geographical distances. Despite concerns about technology causing social isolation, the benefits of improved communication far outweigh the drawbacks. People can now foster connections with diverse communities, exchange ideas, and engage in virtual collaborations, which enrich their lives significantly.

Another crucial factor contributing to the better quality of life in the 21st century is the significant advancements in healthcare. Medical breakthroughs and access to better healthcare services have increased life expectancy and improved overall well-being. Diseases that were once fatal can now be treated or managed effectively due to advancements in medical research and technology. For example, the development of vaccines for various illnesses has helped eradicate or control widespread diseases, leading to a healthier and more resilient population. Although some argue that improved healthcare is not accessible to everyone, global efforts and initiatives are being implemented to address this issue. Non-governmental organizations, governments, and international bodies are collaborating to make healthcare more equitable and accessible to all, thus narrowing the gap between different social strata.

In conclusion, the 21st century has witnessed a significant improvement in the quality of life. To my mind, this positive change is largely attributed to technological advancements, fostering social connectivity, and improved healthcare, increasing life expectancy and well-being.
330 words


Topic vocabulary

English phrasesTranslation
enhanced educationnâng cao giáo dục
improved healthcarecải thiện chăm sóc sức khỏe
the remarkable advancements in technologynhững tiến bộ đáng kể trong công nghệ
revolutionize communicationcách mạng hóa truyền thông
The advent of smartphonesSự ra đời của điện thoại thông minh
facilitate real-time communicationtạo điều kiện giao tiếp thời gian thực
allow for instantaneous information-sharingcho phép chia sẻ thông tin tức thời
lead to improved social connectivitydẫn đến cải thiện kết nối xã hội
regardless of geographical distancesbất chấp khoảng cách địa lý
causing social isolationgây ra sự cô lập xã hội
foster connections with diverse communitiesthúc đẩy kết nối với các cộng đồng đa dạng
technological advancementsnhững tiến bộ công nghệ
enjoy a superior quality of lifetận hưởng chất lượng cuộc sống vượt trội
engage in virtual collaborationstham gia cộng tác ảo
enrich their lives significantlylàm phong phú cuộc sống của họ một cách đáng kể
the significant advancements in healthcarenhững tiến bộ đáng kể trong chăm sóc sức khỏe
increase life expectancytăng tuổi thọ
the development of vaccinessự phát triển của vắc-xin
control widespread diseaseskiểm soát dịch bệnh lan rộng
global efforts and initiativesnhững nỗ lực và sáng kiến toàn cầu
more equitable and accessiblecông bằng và dễ tiếp cận hơn
increasing life expectancy and well-beingtăng tuổi thọ và hạnh phúc
fostering social connectivitythúc đẩy kết nối xã hội
be largely attributed tophần lớn được quy cho

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