Giải đề dự đoán IELTS Writing August 2023: freshmen find their chosen courses not suitable

Đề dự đoán IELTS Writing Task 2, quý 2 và quý 3 năm 2023 chủ đề sinh viên năm nhất thấy rằng các khóa học họ chọn không phù hợp với họ.

IELTS Writing Forecast Task Question:

Some college freshmen find that the courses they choose are not suitable for them. What are the causes of this? What can be done to solve the problem? (Education)

Detailed Outline: for IELTS Writing Task 2


  • College freshmen face issues with unsuitable courses, impacting their academic performance and college experience.
  • Two main aspects: causes of the issue and potential solutions.

Body paragraph 1: Causes of Unsuitable Course Choices

  • Lack of proper guidance: Inadequate counseling leads to incomplete information and misconceptions.
  • Peer influence and pressure: Choosing courses based on friends’ choices instead of personal interests.
  • Inadequate self-awareness: Lack of understanding strengths, weaknesses, and genuine interests.
  • Example: Artistic student chooses science major due to societal expectations.

Body paragraph 2: Solutions to Address the Problem

  • Enhanced guidance and counseling services: Improving quality and accessibility of guidance.
  • Example: Regular one-on-one counseling sessions with experienced advisors align students’ choices with passions.
  • Orientation programs and workshops: Promoting self-awareness and understanding strengths.
  • Flexibility in course changes: Allowing students to switch courses without penalties or restrictions.


  • Causes include inadequate guidance, peer pressure, and lack of self-awareness.
  • Effective solutions: improved counseling, orientation programs, and flexible course change policies.

Model Essay

The selection of appropriate courses is a crucial concern for college freshmen, significantly impacting their academic performance and overall college experience. This essay delves into the root causes of this issue and proposes effective solutions to mitigate its impact.


The causes of unsuitable course choices vary and can stem from factors. The primary cause of freshmen opting for unsuitable courses is the dearth of proper guidance during the decision-making process. Inadequate counseling services provided by educational institutions result in students receiving incomplete information and developing misconceptions about various courses. Furthermore, peer influence and pressure contribute substantially to this problem, prompting some students to make choices based on their friends’ preferences rather than their personal interests and aptitudes. Additionally, an insufficient level of self-awareness among freshmen aggravates the situation. Many students lack a clear understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and true passions, leading them to select courses that do not align with their aspirations. A compelling illustration of this predicament is when an artistically gifted student succumbs to societal expectations and chooses a science major against their genuine inclinations.


Addressing the issue of unsuitable course choices necessitates the enhancement of guidance and counseling services within educational institutions. By elevating the quality and accessibility of counseling, colleges can ensure that students receive comprehensive support to make well-informed decisions about their academic paths. The implementation of regular one-on-one counseling sessions with experienced advisors will enable students to align their course selections with their authentic interests and ambitions. Additionally, organizing orientation programs and workshops will prove instrumental in fostering self-awareness among freshmen, empowering them to recognize their strengths and areas of interest. Armed with a deeper understanding of themselves, students will be better equipped to make appropriate choices. Moreover, educational institutions should adopt policies that offer students the flexibility to switch courses without facing penalties or unnecessary restrictions. This freedom would enable students to rectify unsuitable choices promptly.


In conclusion, the issue of freshmen selecting unsuitable courses stems from inadequate guidance, peer pressure, and a lack of self-awareness. To effectively tackle this challenge, educational institutions should prioritize enhancing counseling services, organizing orientation programs, and providing flexible course change policies.


343 words


Topic vocabulary

English phrasesBản dịch
a crucial concern for college freshmenmối quan tâm quan trọng đối với sinh viên năm nhất đại học
overall college experiencetrải nghiệm đại học tổng thể
delve into the root causes ofđào sâu vào nguyên nhân gốc rễ của
propose effective solutionsđề xuất các giải pháp hiệu quả
mitigate its impactgiảm thiểu tác động
opting for unsuitable courseslựa chọn những khóa học không phù hợp
the dearth of proper guidancesự thiếu hướng dẫn thích hợp
Inadequate counseling servicesDịch vụ tư vấn không đầy đủ
developing misconceptions about various coursesphát triển quan niệm sai về các khóa học khác nhau
peer influence and pressureáp lực và ảnh hưởng từ bạn bè
personal interests and aptitudessở thích và năng khiếu cá nhân
an insufficient level of self-awarenessmức độ nhận thức về bản thân không đủ
aggravate the situationlàm tình hình trở nên tồi tệ hơn
lack a clear understanding ofthiếu hiểu biết rõ ràng về
align with aspirationsphù hợp với khát vọng
A compelling illustration of this predicamentMột ví dụ thuyết phục về tình trạng này
an artistically gifted studentmột sinh viên có năng khiếu nghệ thuật
succumb to societal expectationsđầu hàng trước kỳ vọng xã hội
a science major against their genuine inclinationsmột chuyên ngành khoa học và đi ngược lại khuynh hướng thực sự của họ
Addressing the issue of unsuitable course choicesGiải quyết vấn đề lựa chọn khóa học không phù hợp
necessitate the enhancement of guidance…cần phải tăng cường các dịch vụ hướng dẫn…
regular one-on-one counseling sessions…các buổi tư vấn trực tiếp thường xuyên với các cố vấn có kinh nghiệm…
authentic interests and ambitionssở thích và khát vọng chân thật
organizing orientation programs and workshopstổ chức các chương trình định hướng và hội thảo
prove instrumental in fostering self-awareness…chứng minh mang tính quyết định trong việc khuyến khích nhận thức về bản thân…
recognize strengths and areas of interestnhận ra những điểm mạnh và lĩnh vực quan tâm
Armed with a deeper understanding of themselvesĐược trang bị với sự hiểu biết sâu sắc về bản thân
switch courses without facing penaltiesđổi khóa học mà không phải đối mặt với hình phạt
rectify unsuitable choices promptlykịp thời khắc phục những lựa chọn không phù hợp
stem from inadequate guidancebắt nguồn từ sự hướng dẫn không đầy đủ
a lack of self-awarenesssự thiếu nhận thức về bản thân
prioritize enhancing counseling servicesưu tiên tăng cường dịch vụ tư vấn
organizing orientation programstổ chức các chương trình định hướng
providing flexible course change policiescung cấp chính sách thay đổi khóa học linh hoạt

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